Xmanna Metaverse Trailer

Trailer for Xmanna Metaverse project.

Trailer for Xmanna Metaverse project. Created as final pixels in Unreal Engine with characters created in Reallusion CC, crowds sim via Toolchefs LTD motion capture via Xsens powered on ASUS ProArt with NVIDIA RTX. Utilising WDBlack SSD by Western Digital for real-time rendering and remote team collaboration via Perforce Software on Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Director: HaZ Dulull

Producers: paula crickard HaZ Dulull

Executive producers: Steve Stein Randall Middleton Meirav Harel Gabi Harkham

Head of CG: Andrea Tedeschi

Motion capture: Alex Kong

UE artists / animators: Sam Rebelo myles low Mark Cheng, MBA HaZ Dulull Andrea Tedeschi

UE Dev: Ernesto Argüello

Music / sound design: Zelig Sound