Preview gameplay of the Fortnite spin off game: MAX BEYOND

Preview gameplay footage of Fortnite game for Max Beyond.

Get a sneak peek at the preview gameplay footage of our UEFN Fortnite spin-off game, set in the MAX BEYOND universe. Join the action-packed adventure as you break out Max, a young kid with special abilities, from Axion's experimental clutches.

In this thrilling game, players must navigate the labyrinth of Axion, safeguarding their guide - a robot with a moral compass. Protect this key ally at all costs to secure the location of Max and ensure a successful rescue mission.

🌟🎮 Mark your calendars! The official game launch coincides with Unreal Fest in Prague (June 17th - 21st).

Max Beyond animated movie is now available to stream / download via Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Sky Movies, Virgin Media, Google Play and Microsoft Store.